So many parents and students don’t understand what a student nutrition program is! And if they don’t understand what it is, they won’t be able to support it, volunteer for it, or donate cash and in-kind gifts. The most successful programs advertise to both students and parents to ensure the program is both successful and non-stigmatizing.

Here are some ideas to promote your program.


Send a letter or email home to parents to inform them about the program. It may also be appropriate to call on parents for support as volunteers or for donations. Parent Donation Request- Sample Letter

Let local businesses and other community partners know about your program, too! Community Donation Request- Sample Letter


Announcements to Students

Make school-wide announcements to promote healthy breakfast/snacking and encourage students to participate (morning announcements; newsletters; teachers announce in class; website). Read the next day’s meal/snack menu during announcements.


Student Council and Other Student Organizations

Connect with student organizations, such as student council, to have them promote your snack or breakfast program to the students in your schools. Students promoting to students will further reduce the barrier of stigma, normalize school breakfast, and encourage more student participation.


Open Houses

At the beginning of the year, and at any open houses throughout the year, be sure to have a table representing the program, to inform parents and encourage families and students to participate. (Staffed by teachers, administrators and/or volunteers.)


Flyers/Posters at School

Post flyers throughout the school. Get students involved to create the flyers or posters.


Parent Council

The parent council should be involved from the very beginning before starting a snack or breakfast program. Afterwards, continue working with them to promote the program to students, parents and local community.


Great Big Crunch (annual event)

Participate in the “Great Big Crunch”. A special day, class, assembly, lunch hour or 5 minutes dedicated to locally grown apples and ending with a synchronized “crunch” to celebrate! FoodShare has a formal program in which your school can register.