Snack Programs

Learn about school snack programs in York Region.

Breakfast Programs

Learn about school breakfast/morning meal programs in York Region.

Pre-Planning Checklist

Before you start, use this checklist to help you choose and plan the right student nutrition program for your school.

Contact Us

If you are a new school that wants to start a snack or breakfast program, contact us and we can help you get started.

Ontario’s Student Nutrition Program Guidelines for provincially-funded breakfast/morning meal, or snack programs. Review the guidelines to ensure you are meeting them.

Ministry Program Guidelines

Nutrition Guidelines

The Nutrition Guidelines is consistent with Canada’s Food Guide and parts of the Ontario School Food & Beverage Policy (P/PM150). Use the guide to plan your menu; and watch our online modules to learn more!

How will you offer food to students? Grab N Go? Classroom bins? Sit-down meals? Learn the benefits and challenges of each delivery method

Types of Program Delivery

Schools must fundraise to support a snack or breakfast program. How much will it cost? Learn to budget your costs so you have enough for the entire school year.

Funding & Budgeting

Before you start your school snack or breakfast program, think about the equipment and non-food supplies you will need, where you will get these items, and how you will pay for them. 

Equipment & Supplies

Volunteers are an important part of a successful program. Learn how to recruit and work with volunteers.

Recruit Volunteers