School Roles & Responsibilities

A successful student nutrition program has a team of champions, each understanding the roles and responsibilities, and working towards the same goals.

Buying Food

Will you buy your food using a delivery service or will you go to grocery stores? Or, perhaps a combination of the two? Learn all about best practices to buy food for your snack/breakfast program.

Monthly Reporting

All student nutrition programs (snack, breakfast, morning meal) receiving provincial funding for nutritious food grants must submit data to respective Lead Agencies and/or community partners. Learn more about your reporting requirements.

Promoting Your Program

Successful programs promote to both students and parents to ensure the program is both successful and non-stigmatizing. Here are some ideas to promote your snack/breakfast program.

If you want to evaluate your program, we have a sample evaluation survey. Evaluating your program can help you win support for your goals, gain recognition for your school, and encourage others to join the team. 

Evaluating Your Program