Before you start your school snack or breakfast program, think about the equipment and non-food supplies you will need, where you will get these items, and how you will pay for them. Funding we provide to you can only be used to purchase food. But there are lots of useful ideas to source what you need.

Your needs will depend on the menu and delivery model you choose. Review the list Items You Might Need to start your school snack or breakfast/morning meal program.



Before you buy, try to get it free

  • Did you ask parents to donate a used (but well-working, energy-efficient) fridge or other items?

  • Did you put out a request to friends, family or your school’s social media?

  • Did you try freecycle? (An internet listings service to help people give unwanted items to someone else for free, in their own community.)

  • Did you try trashnothing? (Works like freecycle.)

Consider buying re-sale

Consider buying scratched or dented appliances or shop at an outlet store

  • Ask any appliance store for discounted/dented/scratched appliances and negotiate a better price.