Using a recipe can help student nutrition program coordinators prepare dishes that are nutritious. The type of recipe used in a student nutrition program will depend on the facilities and equipment available at a school as well as the number of volunteers available to help make the recipe. Here is a list of sample recipes that can be offered in a student nutrition program.

Apple Cinnamon Pancake Topping
Apple and Pear Fruit Salad
Banana Berry Parfait
Bran Flake Pancakes
Carrot and Apple Salad
Cereal Trail Mix
Cheese and Apple Wrap
English Muffin Mini Pizza
Egg and Cheese Muffin
Egg and Cheese Wrap
Grilled Cheese Sandwich
Simple Banana Bran Muffins

Tips to preparing a recipe:

1.    Read the ingredient list before purchasing ingredients for the recipe.
2.    Read the whole recipe before preparing it for a student nutrition program.


For recipe tips and more information on menu planning and budgeting, contact us.