The best school snack and breakfast programs have community volunteers working alongside teachers, secretaries, teachers’ assistants and school administrators to start and manage a high-quality program.


There are many different volunteer roles needed for a successful school snack and breakfast program. In addition to preparing and serving food and cleaning, schools also need: fundraisers, grant writers, grocery shoppers, etc. No matter the role, all  volunteers (and staff) are encouraged to:

  • Be sensitive to cultural differences
  • Follow program guidelines, especially regarding confidential information shared by children
  • Wear a name tag to create a friendly environment (or follow school’s practice)
  • Be aware of proper procedures in case of emergencies such as choking or allergic reactions
  • Be enthusiastic about all food being offered, regardless of personal food preferences



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Start with asking parents, but don’t limit yourself! Local residents are eager to lend a helping hand to a very worthy cause. 

  • Ask parents; send a letter home to advertise the program and a request for help
  • Post a request for volunteers on the CivicYork website- it’s free!
  • Approach local seniors’ centres, religious centres, service clubs, or other community organizations
  • Use your school’s social media to spread the word
  • Recruit students as volunteers. Connect with local high schools for students who require volunteer hours

Video: Watch how one school recruited volunteers!



Ask all potential volunteers to fill out a volunteer application form for review by the Program Coordinator and/or Principal. Interview all potential candidates.



The Police Vulnerable Sector Check screens individuals who will work or volunteer with vulnerable people, such as children and youth. All applicants applying for a volunteer position must provide a letter from the school where they intend to volunteer. The letter must be printed on the school’s letterhead with the applicant's name and volunteer position, stating the position is a "volunteer non-paid position."

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