All student nutrition programs (snack, breakfast, morning meal) receiving provincial funding for nutritious food grants must submit data to respective Lead Agencies and/or community partners. We will ask you for a monthly report and a financial report twice a year. 

It is important schools keep a separate ledger to keep track of the finances for their student nutrition program!


Each month, your designated Community Development Coordinator (CDC) will send you an email reminder to submit your monthly report. It must include the following four pieces of information:

1.  The number of children and youth served

The number of children and youth served is a cumulative number and a child or youth is reported once per site during the school year, regardless of their attendance status in the program. Average number of program participants and total school population will not reflect the unique number of program participants required and should not be used for reporting this data element.

Example: If 15 children participate in a program from September to December, this would be reported as 15 children. If a site operates more than one program, any children and youth who access more than one program (e.g. breakfast and lunch) are counted once.

2.  The number of meals/snacks served

The number of meals/snacks served is a cumulative number.

Example: if breakfast was served to 15 children on 10 occasions, then this would be counted as 150 meals/snacks served. If a site operates more than one program, meals served through both programs are included in the total.

3.  In-kind donations

All in-kind donations must be included in your monthly report. Did someone donate a gift card? A bag of apples? Granola bars? Paper plates? Etc. All must be listed on your report each month with a monetary amount attached to each item.

4.  Fundraising

If you have done any fundraising or have received a monetary donation, include this in your monthly report.

Sample Monthly Report (Daily Tracking Form)



Two times in the school year (January and June) you will be asked to submit a financial report. This must include all the expenditures (food/supplies purchased) and money earned (grants, donations, fundraising, etc.) for your student nutrition program. Sample Financial Report.