• Support the student nutrition program
  • Communicate with parents
  • Ensure school and Ministry guidelines, including nutrition guidelines, are being followed
  • Seek community/staff support and participation


Program Coordinator





Budget Secretary






All Committee Members

  • Responsible for daily operations of the program
  • Manage funds, supplies, etc.
  • Assess if food donations meet program guidelines
  • Develop menu with nutritious food; refer to the SNP Nutrition Guidelines
  • Ensure safe food handling; arrange for food handling training
  • Order and purchase food and supplies
  • Submit SNP application to Lead Agency
  • Submit monthly tracking data, financial reports, other information as requested 


  • Create separate ledger devoted to the student nutrition program
  • Enter all incoming funds and expenses
  • Submit financial reports, upon request


  • Prepare/serve food
  • Food shopping/ordering
  • Support program as needed


  • Promote the program in the community
  • Ensure program is universally accessible, positively promoted and does not create stigma against students
  • Write grant proposals and organize fundraising events