Breakfast and morning meal programs must contain at least three food groups from Canada’s Food Guide:

  • At least one serving of Vegetables and Fruit food group

  • At least one serving of Milk or Alternatives food group

  • At least of one serving from Grain Products or Meat and Alternative

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A breakfast or morning meal must be served at least 3 days per school week. Ideally, it is encouraged to be served daily. Drinking water is available and offered at every breakfast or morning meal.

NOTE: A school breakfast is served before the morning bell and a morning meal is served after the morning bell for students who arrive late or are simply late eaters.

Ministry guidelines outline that all programs are universal and accessible by all students in the schools. This means all students have the opportunity to participate and access the program. As well, programs do not stigmatize or single out participating children and youth.


1.     Pre-planning checklist- a resource to plan your new breakfast/morning meal program

2.     Contact us. We can guide you to start a student nutrient program.

3.     Funding and budgeting for your school breakfast/meal program

4.     Volunteer recruitment

5.     Types of breakfast/meal programs (Grab N Go, Classroom Bins or Sit-down)

6.     Breakfast/morning meal menu ideas that meet the Ministry Nutrition Guidelines

7.     Buy food from sources that are safe

8.     Practice food safety and sign up for the YorkSafe Food Handler's Certification training 

9.     Equipment and supplies you may need

10.  Manage a successful school breakfast/meal program

Contact a Community Development Coordinator and/or Nutrition Educator to support you during the pre-planning process or anytime throughout the school year. 


Example of one school's successful breakfast program!